AQTIS Services

On behalf of all its members, AQTIS:

  • Negotiates collective agreements with producers and producer associations in the film and television industry;
  • Enforces collective agreements, manages labour relations, resolves conflicts related to the application of collective agreements, and when necessary, files and follows up on grievances;
  • Provides a workplace health and safety prevention service and defends injured workers in their dealings with the CNESST and various administrative tribunals;
  • Offers a professional training service that includes orientation sessions, basic or advanced courses for certain occupations, and training in health and safety;
  • Provides employment assistance through an "availability service" accessible to producers and members by means of an annual membership directory and a list of productions (twice a month);
  • Defends and promotes the interests of its members and the independent film and television production industry;
  • Promotes Quebec as a location for Canadian and foreign productions;
  • Provides a social safety net that includes a group insurance plan, a group RRSP and a psychosocial support program.

Brochure for the AQTIS group RSP

AQTIS group insurance program