AQTIS courses are available to members, permittees and non-members. They are developed and presented by professionals who are active in the industry, and cover all elements inherent to each occupation.

With the exception of AQTIS 101- Initiation au travail de technicien de l'image et du son, the basic training courses are provided once or twice every year. They are regularly updated and improved.

Basic training courses are financed by AQTIS, as provided for in the constitution and by-laws.


To register, please complete the online form found at the end of each course pages.

Method of payment

We invite you to consult the registration section to learn about registration, payment and cancellation policies.


Please note that the dates for some courses may change in response to enrolment numbers and instructor availability. In order to verify the accuracy of the posted dates, we invite you to contact the training program registration service: / 514 844-2113, extension 236

Mandatory basic training Introduction AQTIS-101 Introduction to Associative Life
Art department training Props ACCE Introduction to the profession of assistant set propsman
Camera training Camera Caméra Film and digital assistant camera
Head of department training Team CHEF Rights and responsibilities of a team leader
CCM training Costumes COST Costumes, from the wardrobe
Camera training Camera DATA Data wrangler
Technical training Lighting ECLAIR Introduction to the field of stage lighting
Technical training Gripping MACHINO Introduction to grip work
CCM training Hairdressing & Makeup MAQU/COIF Assistant hairdresser & make-up artist in film and television
Direction training Direction MMSC Move Magic Scheduling 5
Editing training Editing MONT-1 Initiation au département montage
Editing training Editing MONT-2 Technical introduction to the editing department
Editing training Editing MONT-3 Assistant editor
Location direction training Unit REGI-EXT Introduction to exterior production
Sound training Sound SONO Sound mixer assistant
Transportation & production training Transport TRAN Defensive driving and the rules of the road
Camera training Camera VA Video assist operator
Formations SST SST Formations en santé et sécurité offertes par L’inis